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In February’s ChainHomeHigh: S400s For Belarus And Kazakhstan

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In February’s ChainHomeHigh: Sea Wolf Replacement Unveiled

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Radar Operations Delayed?

Local reports in late January noted that the operation of a new early warning radar system inTaiwancould be delayed until next year. The United Daily News reported that land subsidence was causing problems to the construction of the site which … Continue reading

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US-Supplied Radar Hit In FARC Attack?

Flight operations at Colombia’s AlfonsoBonillaAragónInternationalAirportwere disrupted in January following an attack by the FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – Ejército del Pueblo) insurgent organisation on a radar station in the Cauca Department in the southwest of the country. Reports … Continue reading

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Medium-Range SAMs Now In Hezbollah’s Possession?

Israeli press reports on 19th January hinted that the Hezbollah insurgent group may have acquired 9K33 Osa (NATO reporting name ‘SA-8 Gecko’) short-range, radar-guided SAM systems. The 9K33 is a self-propelled air defence system which includes organic radar. It is … Continue reading

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Common Nordic Airspace Initiative

General Sverker Göranson, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, has muted the idea of developing a common Nordic airspace with Finland and Norway. Speaking at a conference in Sälen, southern Sweden on 15th January, General Göranson suggested that such … Continue reading

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Nigerian Air Defence Modernisation Ahead?

Air Defence Modernisation Ahead? The ambitious Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria or ‘TRACON’ initiative, which is modernising the country’s air traffic management systems, could also include the Nigerian military. According to reports on 17th January, the military will need to … Continue reading

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